Friday, June 16, 2006

The Rainbow Duo

It is but hours now. The begining of the cup for us is tonight. We will face a very good Czech team, and I would imagine that with our opponents being so close to home they will have the majority of support from the stands. However the underdog status will be nothing new to our boys, and nor will it be new to us in the seats. We will once again adorne ourselves with our battle regalia and push our squad with the passion that springs from such an event.
~~~Brrrrr A ha ha....O da lay eee whoo~~~
The Rainbow Duo! What a musical pair these two make!
We attended a German wine festival yestereday in the village of Alzenau which is jsut a few Km outside of Hanau, the birthplace of the Brothers Grimm. It was a warm day with plenty of sun so our hosts Peter and Gloria chose a very fine bottle of chilled Reisling. MMMMM When it touches the lips, its sooooo good! And to think we had a really nice afternnon planned ;) Instead we sipped Reisling and listened to the smooooth sounds of "The Rainbow Duo." DAMN I forgot my camera!Keyboard, powder blue guitar and 2 of the rockin'est polka singers I have ever had the pleasure of being witness to. 1st they found a lucky little lady from the crowd to sing a few back-up "No,No,No's" and "Yea, Yea,Yea's." I think she's done this before! She digs her feet in, stands up straight, shoulders back, allow for full diaphram extension it comes...wait for it..."Yea,Yea,Yea." Like a bird in a tree. Beautiful! Now our star, the man on the mic Gunther, not to be outdone really lets it go! *3rd verse, same as the 1st* 15 verses later our German canary is set again..."No,No,No." OH Yes,Yes,Yes Frau, a star is born! The crowd is now in a grape induced lather and we order another bottle. This could be the best German wine fest EVER! The newly discovered German Idol, now realizing her moment in the spotlight has come to an end returns to her picnic bench thrown to a rather rambunctious applause, and I find that my own two hands are offering her deserved praise. Hearing this, "the Band" sets up and begins to deliver a song I have heard before but NEVER thought I would hear now. "Keeping us on our toes boys..NICE!" Wait, this song has a Latin feel! Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye. Buh dada, Buh dada, Buh dada. This is classic! Duh dada, duh dada, duh dada. This could be a Sociologist's dream, cross cultural musical sampling, and the madness incured from the songs being stuck in the brain during the walk home. However, when Hanz leaned into the mic as his nimble fingers danced melody on the ivory, and he gave us a heartfelt attempt at the distinctive Mariachi "Brrrrr A ha ha" that seemed to end in an "Oh da lay heee whoo" I knew then that this was indeed a special day! So Hanz...Gunther... Yo da Lah ha ha to you to!!

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