Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wake the Giant!

Today we walk headlong into our fate. We enter into this evening as fans with questions on our minds. Which team will show up tonight? The team that, as of late, has been vey strong regardless of the competion, or the team that we saw play the opening game of the World Cup? I can only hope it is not the latter. We came this far from home with the knowledge that with a group like ours we could theorectically be swept, and I thought that I had prepared myself for such a result. But after watching the game against the Czechs I can only say that I was so very disappointed. We played with no fight, no grit, no guts, no attitude! The opponents in our group deserve respect, no doubt. But we must mix equal parts; the acknowledgement of their ability, and the demanding of respect of our own. We demanded nothing against the Czechs, and that is exactly what we received. However, certainly we can trust that the necessary adjustments have been made! Motivation should not be a factor, this is the World Cup! But wipe the night from your eyes sleeping giant! We will follow you to the four corners; where you lead us we will gladly go, and with us we will bring song and spirit, heart and hope. We will be the beat that you march to but for the sake of all things greater than us, FIGHT! If we lose, fine. To truly appreciate victory we must know defeat, but charge the field with defiant fists in the air!!
We head for the stadium at noon.


ShannonH said...

Hey Curty! Saw your dad at Weavers' Tavern while watching the US and Italy and found out about your blog. Sounds like you guys are having a blast! Wish we could all be there together. Have fun and be safe!

CMWhite said...
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