Friday, June 09, 2006


Unfortunately our time here in Denmark runs short. The Cup begins today and as a result we depart for Germany in the morning. The experience here has been wonderful and as excited as I am about begining the next leg of the journey I am also very sad to say goodbye once again. Walking through the town I knew as as younger man has brought back so many fond memories. Shane and I had such an adventure here. Two 18 year old boys set loose upon an unsuspecting village! I remember the night we went downtown for a Jazz festival, and after one too many beers, okay maybe two, Shane pushed me home in a shopping cart, but not before stopping to buy porn from a street side vending machine. We thought that was sooooo cool! ~~The day we we took the bus to Aarhus to find what else, another music festival! We bought a bag of beers and found ourselves completely lost. We were so naive, and yet charging ahead full steam, curious as to what we were to find around the next corner. What we found that fateful night will remain between Shane and I as a sly grin and a wink. I will only reference "Dylan and The Dead" and remember it forever! We called for our ride as planned, and the only directions I could summon were, "I am at a telephone in a round-about, there's a pharmacy on one corner and a bank on another." How they found us I'll never truly know.~~Our soccer team won the league and found promotion to the next Serie; we didn't make it our of the locker room for 2 hours. After beers, champagne, Gamle Dansk and a very entertaining bike ride home the number shall be 3! Not 4 nor 5! The number shant be 2, but 3! Shane, they no longer have our bikes, but I dare to guess that you still have your scars from that bike ride home. They remember that day well around here and the story still brings a laugh.
So one of the things that always brings me joy is interesting uses of language; and here, as I am sure it can be found anywhere a persons native tongue is not 1st, I can find humor at every corner.
I yell with reckless abandon! Perhaps it could be my call to battle! I leave my home, my safety net, and venture out into the world. GERONIMO upon my lips. Show me world, what you have to see!
After last nights training session we sat stretching while Ole gave his post session talk. Our boys face the #1 team in the Serie this weekend. I listen to the words, imagine their meaning and take note that should the managers instructions be followed, victory is certain. As we ascend the hill that leads us away from the pitch we come to the lot in which everyone has parked their cars. Micheal, a striker for our club FC Cimbria, has found a bicycle, and yet another hill! He sits atop his steed at the summit, eyes wide, his ears are covered by the corners of his grin. As his feet hit the peddles his knuckles whiten. He throws caution to the wind and descends. His declaration, alive with passion~~GUANTANAMO!!! I nearly fell over! I love 3rd languages.

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