Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tullamore Dew

...and these Irish eyes are no longer smiling. Recovery seems slower these days. I guess thats a good reason to stay off the sauce. Except for special occasions of course. Now to convince myself that this whole damn trip isn't occasion itself. Sure seems special! Good beer here though. Randers has it's own brewery and get this, the bars on the main strip have the beer sent to the tap via direct piping. No kegs necessary. Not entirely sure of the specifics, but no born on dates here folks. "Excuse me doctor, could I get a Thor please.. awwwwe it's a beer, and what lovely gold eyes it has!"
I need to find a good World Cup preperation mag, so's I can keep up with the conversations that are sure to pick up pace! 2 days from now the world goes on hold, get your shopping done early!
Trip to Copenhagen cancelled due to start of World Cup, will I ever forgive myself? I imagine sooner or later, but if Costa Rica beats Germany in the opener and I miss that while in a car en route to the worlds second largest ball of twine I will have much greater internal issues to deal with.
We get closer to the day and I can actaully feel my eyes starting to cloud over, and my hearing is getting worse on top of that. "You need me to do what? The games on! What's that? Who are you? I'm sorry this barstool has gum or something on it and I am forced to wait till half time!"

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