Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stuck in my head

I am tired.
We leave Heidelberg with mixed emotions. But, I have my own seat on the train, which is golden for those not familiar with train travel. To share foot space AND arm space can make a long ride all the longer. To top it all off, seems as though I've picked a space near the Iranian Poveratti. I do not know the words he sings but it seems as though he doesn`t know the whole song because he sounds like a skipping record. Now then, in his defense he could very well have caught chant fever. It seems to have taken residence in my brain again. After a while all thoughts are processed in rhyme and cadence. I wake in the morning and it's "Coffee, coffee...Coffee, coffee...Coffee, coffee, coffeeee, nah na nah na...nah na nah na...nah na nah na na, Coffee!" Like some sick form of Turret's syndrome. The brain just involuntarily takes random, everyday thoughts and puts them to the songs that have filled the air for days. "Oh where's the water closet? Oh where's the water closet? It costs a buck... to take a pee... I think I'll just find a fuckin tree." "Oh where's the..." Over and over again, until that one is replaced by the next. Maddening!

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